Donny Garten


10 Things A Professional Video Producer Does


I'm Donny Garden. A professional video producer and editor. My job is to be acting as the creative sparkplug and displaying an enterpreneurial spirit that would allow a film, TV show or commercial to be created as quickly and efficiently as possible. I have responsibilities for making the business and budget related decisions of the project. Shaping the project, from script selection to hiring a director to approving any major changes to the film or show as well as oversee talent scouting is just one of many priorities.


Production budget management.

Accepting responsibility when no one else does.

Overseeing talent scouting.

Overseeing location scouting.

Keep track of client tasks and act timely to remind when late.

Inspire efficient creativity.

Offer constructive criticism.

Ensures everyone eats.

Ensures everyone gets paid.

Wears comfortable shoes.